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My amazing cover up done by Margo at Holy City Tattooing…( 1Photos )
Bird and key for Paul. Tattooed by Dotwork Damian at Blue Dragon…( 1Photos )
When my husband and I got married we both changed our last names…( 1Photos )
Artist: Matt Ellis Subject: Perry This tattoo is part of Matt…( 1Photos )
5th and 6th tattoo…wow, this did hurt a lot but damn they…( 1Photos )
my rex and roses, done a week a go.( 1Photos )
My favorite poem by Dylan Thomas. Done by Chuck at Blu Gorilla…( 1Photos )
My friend and I decided to get pokemon tattoos before she moved…( 1Photos )
This is the beautiful wolf thigh piece I got done by Javier…( 1Photos )
Sorry! But FYT has such a large readership that it’s sometimes better for asking questions like this than my personal blog is. You guys know what’s up. Anyway, with Google Reader gone and The Old Reader announcing it’s booting all new sign-ups from the last five months, I really need a new RSS reader. I’ve tried Feedly, and I’m not overly thrilled with it. It’ll do, but it’s not quite what I want. So, are there any other alternatives I should be aware...
This is off-topic.
I shouldn’t have to keep squawking about the blog’s content being SAFE FOR WORK. I mean, seriously. I’ve been repeating myself for like a year at this point. Even if you couldn’t read the guidelines, even if you’re a brand new follower/submitter, even if you have the best breasts in the world, the things that have already been posted should be kind of an indicator that’s not what I’m looking for. It’s a tattoo blog. Staaaaaaaahp it.
SPC: Rest in Peace, Bud Larsen( 5Photos )
And now for something different…( 2Photos )
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5539#( 3Photos )
Envie sua foto!( 2Photos )
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